Technical University of Denmark

logo-dtuAt the CAPEC-PROCESS Research Centre it is our objective to develop and validate state-of-the-art CAPE/PSE methods and tools as well as the technologies for future chemical and bio-based processes.

At CAPEC-PROCESS we perform fundamental and more applied research to develop both the computer-aided tools and the experimental methods that allow us to reach our objectives, which are to put our research, new tools and developments into industrial practice. It is of great importance for us to work closely with industry and many of our research projects build on a close collaboration with one or more industrial partners.We develop Computer Aided Systems for:

  • Chemical and Biochemical Product-Process modelling/simulation
  • Synthesis
  • Design
  • Analysis and Control/Operation for Chemical, Petrochemical,
  • Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Food and Biochemical Industries

Our research work at the center is done at micro-, lab, pilot and full scale and has its main focus on biocatalysis and fermentation processes. It is performed in close collaboration with the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries and is divided into two areas:

  • Process Systems Engineering (PSE) focuses on the developing model-based tools and methods for solving complex problems in (bio) chemical products and processes.
  • Process Intensification and Integration (PII) engages in research activities where intensified/integrated processes contribute to more resource-efficient processes and production concepts.

Role in Watintech: leader of WP 5 (Modelling and system optimization).

Research team:

Prof. Krist V. Gernaey

Dr. Xavier Flores-Alsina